Judaica Art from Sepharad

Judaica Art from Sepharad 

From La Sinagoga Abierta (The Open Synagogue) we want to offer you the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of Judaica made in Spain by local artists. It is a wonderful opportunity to support our work and to have a piece of Sepharad in your home.

  1. Maimónides. Engraving. Limited edition signed by the artist. 28cm x 28cm. Price:100euros.

2.  Hamsa bracelet.Silver and agates. Price: 70 euros. 

3.Tree of life necklace. Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Turquoise and Silver. Price: 140 euros. 


4. Jewish Berber Pendant. Agates, Amethysts and Silver. Price: 140 euros. 

5.Hamsa necklace. Agates. Price: 140 euros. 

6.Pink and blue Agates necklace. Silver Hamsa. Price: 90 euros.

7. Agates and Ceramic necklace. Silver Hamsa. Price: 90 euros. 


8 Amethyst, agate and silver bracelet. Price: 90 euros. 

The engraving is a very limited edition and the jewelry pieces are unique. We ship worldwide. For more information:









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