Jewish Cordoba Tour

Discover Jewish Cordoba with Rabbi Haim Casas

The Open Synagogue offers all visitors to Cordoba the possibility of discovering its Jewish quarter with Rabbi Haim Casas, rabbi, official tourist guide and researcher at the University of Córdoba.

Cordoba, founded by Rome, became the most populous city in the West in the 10th century. Crucible of cultures, and witness to the greatest cultural splendor of Judaism and medieval Islam.

The labyrinth of its streets contains the history of the coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Although that coexistence was never easy, nevertheless, it offered a powerful example of how cultural diversity can enrich a society. A city unique for its beauty, that is worth discovering in depth.

The Jewish quarter of Córdoba is one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters in all of Europe. Home of great thinkers and unsurpassed beauty, its streets and houses keep secrets that fascinate both locals and visitors. In it we can visit the only medieval synagogue preserved until today in Andalusia.

Discover with us the fascinating history of this neighborhood, declared a world heritage by the UNESCO, as well as the life and work of its most famous inhabitants such as the great thinker Maimonides.

Our visits are tailored to your interests and may include:

-Visit to the medieval Jewish quarter.
-Visit to the Synagogue
-Chants workshop in Hebrew and Ladino
-Visit to Casa de Sefarad
-Visit to the Alcázar of Córdoba, residence of the Christian monarchs and seat of the Inquisition.
-Visit to the neighborhood of the old Aljama mosque
-Tapas tour and wine testing.

For bookings and information contact us at: / (WhatsApp: 0033-789907324)

(Beware of visits made by non-official guides. Only official guides can explain the interior of the monuments in accordance with the provisions of Law 187/2020 of the  the Junta de Andalucía)


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