“Only what comes from the heart reaches the heart.”

 Jewish proverb

I have no doubt that there are bigger and better teachers than me, people whose knowledge far surpasses mine. In fact, I am lucky and blessed to have some of them as my teachers, and to be able to learn from them every day. But there is something I think I’m pretty good at. I have a great passion for studying and spreading the culture and values of Judaism. And as the Jewish proverb says: “Only what comes from the heart reaches the heart.” Passion and heart guide my path as a teacher.

My work as a rabbi and the project “The Open Synagogue” seeks to support the community and all those who are interested in learning, living, and enjoying the beauty of Jewish knowledge.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to study or organize a conference or study session on the following topics:

– Introduction to Jewish civilization, culture and spirituality
– The Sephardic World
-Jewish Spain
– Moussar-Jewish Spirituality
-Parashat HaShavua
-Bar / Bat Mitzvah for children.
-Bar / Bat Mitzvah for adults.