Life Cycle

Bar/Bat Mitzva


The Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebrates our participation in the chain of transmission of values, spirituality, and the cultural heritage of Judaism. We celebrate that Judaism is the full experience of what we receive from our parents, and the commitment to transmit a millennial legacy. It is a unique opportunity to connect with our roots as we flourish before a future full of hope.

Your Bar-Bat Mitzvah in Spain

A unique place to celebrate the Bar / Bat Mitzvah you always dreamed of.

Sepharad occupies a unique place in the history of the Jewish people. Cities like Toledo and Córdoba were the cradle of the most important poets, musicians, scientists and rabbis of the Middle Ages. We cannot understand Judaism today without Andalusia, heir to the Talmudic schools of Eretz Israel and Babylon, and the cradle of philosophers like Maimonides. Andalusia was the Jerusalem of the West, and its legacy has inspired centuries of spirituality and Jewish knowledge.

The dialogue between cultures and religions made this land a place of singular beauty. Its monuments, folklore and gastronomy are the testimony of centuries of encounter between civilizations: Andalusia is the place where the East and the West go hand in hand.

Come celebrate your Bar / Bat Mitzva in Spain. We will be happy to assist you with the organisation of an unforgettable celebration full of history, spirituality, and moments of happiness.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Preparation

We understand that the ideal setting for Bar / Bat Mitzvah preparation is that of a community: A learning process shared with boys and girls of the same age, and together with the rest of the members of the community. With pleasure we can help you find and get in touch with the community closest to your home.

At the same time, we are aware that not everyone lives near a synagogue, or that sometimes day-to-day demands make it difficult for our children to receive the necessary training in person. That is why, together with the project “La Sinagoga Abierta”, we are at your disposal to give online preparatory classes so that your son / daughter arrives at this day having received the best possible education.